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About L7 Trade Group

container-shipL7 Trade Group, located in Ft. Morgan & Sterling, Colorado, was founded in 2016 to provide superior customer service, offer a wide variety of product selection, and increase the amount of product available to customers. L7 Trade Group exports specialty commodities like sunflower seeds.

L7 Trade Group currently offers round type and XL variety Sunflowers from the United States along with Millet and many other commodities. In addition, L7 Trade Group can source other items from the United States per customer request.

Although Confection Sunflowers are the main commodity that L7 Trade Group processes, Millet is another commodity commonly processed for the birdseed market. The finished products from L7 Trade Group are sold in bulk, 25 lb, 50 lbs, 20kg and 25kg. Purchased commodities are loaded in containers on semi trucks or in boxcars and shipped around the world. L7 Trade Group’s production is shipped via boxcar to Mexico with other shipments via containers to Canada, China, Egypt Spain, Turkey, Romania, Greece and South Korea.

Bulk Commodities

Along with shipping sunflower seeds, we also ship numerous other bulk commodities such as millet and bulk fruits and nuts.

Contact Us if you would like a quote on any commodity or call us at 1-970-762-0200.

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